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With Age, Comes Wisdom as Well as Grave Health Issues


There are numerous instances in our childhood when we are told to grow up and start to take some responsibility. We fail to understand this when we are small but as we grow up we learn all of it when we have to shoulder responsibility. That is the time we realize life is not as rosy as we thought it would be. Getting old is not the best feeling that one can experience. When we get old, there are onslaught of diseases that get in our way of normal living. Extra care of the body has to be taken which because physically we are not as fit as we used to be. Flexibility has been lost and as we are not as agile as before. All these factors should be taken care of when performing any physical work. Any heavy duty work should be avoided as that can cause stress to us.

All about seniors is a platform where older patients can seek assistance such as appointing schedules, getting estimated costs, undergoing checkup and proper after care. The main motive of All About Seniors is to give patients the treatment that they deserve by providing them the best medical facilities all over India.

The treatments that they provide are as follows

  • Orthopedics Surgery – Surgeries related to musculoskeletal system or in simple terms bones and muscles. Surgeries of knee, shoulder, hips, low back etc. falls under this category.
  • Spine Surgery – it deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of spinal cord and peripheral nerves. Foraminotomy is the most common type of spine surgery. This surgery deals with removal of tissues which compresses nerves of the back.
  • Bariatric Surgery – one of the most persistent problems in old age is weight gain due to lack of physical exercise. Bariatric surgery deals with weight loss.
  • Surgical Cncology – removal of tumors that can be the main cause of cancer are removed with this surgery.
  • Bone marrow transplant – bone marrows are red blood cells forming tissues. Transplant of bone marrow is done to replace damaged bone marrow.



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