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The way how we live our life says and tells a lot about us. There are certain activities that we prefer doing and certain that we avoid. All of them have at least one thing or the other to tell us. This also impacts our well being. Our environment as a whole also plays a crucial part in our upbringing. All of these factors keep us away from various different diseases. Food is also important in this context. As we get old, our digestive system starts getting weak. So whatever food we consume should be thoroughly checked and only healthy habits should be encouraged. There are various consumable products like alcohol, tobacco, cigarette etc. that are easily available in the market but come with a lot of negative points with them. If we are to live a full life, then it is of vital importance that we should refrain from all of them. They bring along with them some very deadly diseases which are fatal. One of the diseases out of them all which also is the deadliest is Cancer. Although there are various reasons and some unknown, but consumption of tobacco and cigarette is considered to be the major factor.

Cancer is a disease in which growth of cells is abnormal and has the capability of spreading to other parts of the body. Cancer in our body is caused by a tumor. A benign tumor should not be considered as cancerous because it does not spread from one part of the body to the other. Human beings suffer from more than 100 different types of cancer and tobacco plays part in 22 percent of cancer deaths. These numbers are too big to be ignored. There are some of the things that we can do from our end to avoid this condition –

1. Tobacco should be shunned in any form.
2. Consumption of alcohol and cigarette should not be done.
3. Clean eating in the form of veggies and organic food should be encouraged.
4. Physical exercise and workout should be done daily.
5. Age factor has also been seen in some of the patients.

Early detection of cancer is very important because growth of cancer cells in our body is inversely proportional to the chance of survival. Therefore, symptoms of cancer should be taken seriously. Now, these symptoms depend on what body part is suffering from the cancer. For different parts, there are different symptoms. Some of the symptoms are obvious but some of them can only be detected via screening. Some of the symptoms are –

1. In case of breast cancer, there is a lump on the skin.
2. There are white patches inside of mouth when suffering from oral cancers.
3. When cancer spreads to the brain, then there are symptoms in the form of headache, vertigo etc.
4. In case of cancer, where internally damage is done, energy is drained out from our body and there are visible hormonal changes.

So, in case of Cancer, prevention, diagnosis and treatment, everything is necessary. The branch that deals with all of the above mentioned aspects is known as Oncology. Under oncology come various points such as diagnosis of cancer, removal of cancerous tissue from the body, to see if cancer has spread to other parts or not, to reconstruct parts that are deformed by cancer and finally to remove any side effects. A whole panel is set where medical oncologist, surgical oncologist, pathologist, radiologist etc come together and discuss the best treatment that is out there. Some of the different types of surgeries related to cancer are –

1. General onco-surgeries
2. Gynaec-onco surgeries
3. Breast surgeries
4. Uro-oncology
5. Oral onco-surgeries
6. Head and neck cancer surgeries
7. Liver transplantation

Surgical Oncology is an important department and All About Seniors is fully aware of this fact. We have highly respected hospitals on our panel which will help you in each and every step of this problem.



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