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Times have changed from before. In each and every department, advancements have been made which has lead to a revolution. Same is also true in case of human beings. The manner in which any work is done has changed a lot. Heaps of files and paperwork has been replaced by computers. A lot of time and effort has been reduced because of this. Work that used to take considerable amount of time is now only takes a short while. This has increased the efficiency of the workplace and brought a sense of comfort. But there is a downside to this also. Majority of the time is spent in front of the computer screen which has caused trouble to our body. Sitting idle at one place hasn’t gone down well with us. There are various body parts that are affected with this problem. Spine is one of those parts where visible effects are seen. When it comes to senior citizens, there is always a risk to damage our spine.

Spine is the most important part in our body’s support structure. The main function of spine is to keep our body in straight position, be it standing or sitting. One interesting fact about spine is, though it is made up of number of bones which are hard and rigid, but it is flexible due to the presence of ligaments which are elastic in nature. Injury to our spine is results from the damage to vertebrae, spinal cord etc. There are various causes as to why our spine gets problematic. Some of them are given below –

1. Any damage to spine due to sudden impact which can be there because of fracture or compression.
2. In some injuries, we don’t realize that there is loss of blood which may cause its accumulation around the spinal cord.
3. Pain in nerve fibers is one of the leading causes for spine injury.
4. According to a study, consumption of alcohol causes spine injury in about 1 out of 4 human beings.
5. Spinal cord also gets affected due to non traumatic injuries such as cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis etc.

These are the main causes of spine injury. There are symptoms too which are shown by our body. Some of them are as follows –

1. The movement of our body is lost.
2. In some or all parts of the body, there is loss in sensation. For example you can’t feel the difference between hot or cold objects. 3. Bowel movements also get affected leading to bladder problems.
4. Extreme back pain which has limited the movement of our body.
5. Difficulty in breathing and related activities.
6. Feeling of numbness in hands and fingers.

Identifying the symptoms becomes critical because only after they have been identified, proper corrective measures can be taken. A surgery is the last option and there are corrective measures taken that are direct. There are different surgeries for different conditions. Some of them are –

1. Spinal fusion – in this type of surgery, two or more vertebrae are joined together. This surgery is done to remove bones and tissue that are shortening the spinal canal and pressuring the spinal nerves.

2. Discectomy – Herniated disc is the most common problem related to spines in old age. In this problem spinal nerves are pressed which is the main reason for the pain. This is improved with the help of Discectomy. In this type of surgery, either a part or the whole disc is removed.

3. Spinal disc replacement – this is one of the latest techniques in surgical treatment of spine. Damaged disc is replaced with the help of an artificial one.

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