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Being a senior citizen is a different feeling than other stages of life. Just like childhood differs from adulthood, seniority differs from adulthood. There are no added responsibilities, on the contrary, there are certain things that we are not asked to do just because we have a certain age. These restrictions are there because our body is not the same as it was when we were young. There are several effects our body while growing old –

1. Our reflexes start to slow down.
2. Muscles and joints are susceptible to damage.
3. Flexibility takes a hit.
4. Body pain while sitting and standing up.
5. General sense of irritation and frustration.
6. Health starts to get affected.

Out of all the complications that arise, health factor remains critical. Not only there are problems with us physically but our body from inside also is not the same. There are various diseases that can catch us and out of them all, problems of blood can be the most dangerous.

Blood plays an important part in functioning of our body. Blood is a type of bodily fluid whose main role is to transport nutrients and oxygen to the cells. Its secondary function is to collect metabolic waste and take it out from our body. These metabolic wastes are of no use and can also be toxic in nature. Hence, they must be excreted. They may comprise of water, CO2, sulfates etc. Therefore, any harm caused to our blood may be dangerous to our body. In relation to our brain, there is bone marrow in our body. It is a key component of our lymphatic system. It is a type of a tissue that is present in interior of our bones. The major function of a bone marrow is to produce blood cells in our body. Bone marrow in our body is around 4 % our total body weight. On a daily basis, billions of blood cells are formed in our body. If there is anything wrong with our bone marrow, then it can be corrected with the help of bone marrow transplant.

There are two types of bone marrow present in our body – red and yellow bone marrow. Red marrow is red because of the presence of red blood cells. These are in majority in our body when are small. As we grow up, red marrow is replaced by yellow marrow which is yellow in color because of the presence of fat cells in it. Structurally, bone marrow is divided in two categories –

1. Vascular Section – this sections supplies nutrients and transport blood stem cells.

2. Non-Vascular Section – in this section, the process of hematopoiesis or formation of blood cells occurs.

Bone marrow is important in our body as it serves various functions. Some of its functions are –

1. They are a carrier of Mesenchymal stem cells. These cells can differentiate into variety of other cells.
2. Bone marrow acts as a barrier which stops immature blood cells that have no use to leave from the body.
3. Red marrow also helps in removal of old cells and stops them from formation.
4. One interesting feature is that when there is shortage of blood supply, yellow marrow can be converted to red marrow to produce more blood cells.

A bone marrow transplant helps in cancer cure. While we undergo treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy etc. there are high chances that bone marrow suffers permanent damage. There are some genetic disorders such as Hurler’s syndrome and adrenoleukodystrophy which damages our bone marrow. To get rid of these problems, bone marrow transplant becomes essential.

A bone marrow transplant is of two types – Autologous transplant in which cells of the own body is used and allogeneic transplant in which cells from family member are used.

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