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Old age is that time when everything seems to be going the other way. There are times when we struggle to keep up with the pace of the world. We want to do something to correct that but there are limited options in achieving that goal. Our reflex actions become weak and there are other factors which make us slow in response. In short, we are only a shadow of our true self when we grow old. Our health starts to get affected which is inevitable for anyone. All the body parts start to get affected and slowly and slowly we get even weaker. This mostly happens because our immune system does not remain strong. Also, due to our body getting weak, we are not able to perform physical exercises which results in many conditions. But one of the most common issues is of weight gain. Weight gain happens because our intake of food is the same but we are not doing anything to digest that food.

There are times when fatty foods which are high in carbohydrate and low in proteins are consumed by us which need proper workout to digest. And when this does not happen, weight gain happens. This is the most common reason of obesity apart from stress and other medical reasons. And this issue becomes of grave concern in old age. There are several preventive steps taken to control weight gain –

1. We should not be psychologically demotivated during weight gain. There should be will power to fight this.
2. Protein rich food should be taken in order to check weight.
3. Though, our body becomes weak, but there are other forms of exercise like Yoga that can and should be done.
4. A daily calendar or diary should be maintained to check the progress which will keep you motivated.
5. Food items that are high in fiber and volume, low in calories should be preferred.

Consequences of weight gain can vary from general problem to critical illness. Some of the consequences are given below –

1. Chances of suffering from chronic disorders such as diabetes increases.
2. Blood pressure and cholesterol are surely to increase due to obesity which may lead to hypertension.
3. Breathing problems while walking or taking a stroll in the park.
4. Increase in BMI may lead to cardiovascular problems such as coronary heart diseases.
5. Obesity is a direct cause for cancer of breast, colon, gallbladder, cervical etc.
6. Urinary incontinence is directly proportional to BMI.
7. Arthritis and obesity goes hand in hand.

To get rid of Obesity, there are various methods ranging from medications to therapy. But if everything else fails, then the last option is in the form of a surgery. The surgery for loss of weight is known as Bariatric Surgery. The effects of weight loss surgery are long term in relation to diabetes, cardiovascular diseases etc. This surgery is ideal for people who are highly overweight. There are various different procedures to carry out this surgery. Few of them are mentioned below –

1. Laparoscopic Surgery – this type of surgery is minimally invasive. Surgery is performed far off from the actual position of fat removal. It is less painful and complex than other similar surgeries. Recovery time for this procedure is also very less. Laparoscope is used in viewing of the affected area with the help of the cable that is inserted inside.

2. Gastric Banding – the concept of this type of surgery is based on adding a band near the top most portion of the stomach which results in slow consumption of food and in less amount.

3. Gastric Bypass surgery – it is the most complex of all the surgeries that come under bariatric surgery. Stomach is divided in two pouches, upper and lower, with the intention of rearranging the small intestine which in turn marks reduction in stomach’s volume.

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